Implementation and Timeline


Implementation and Timeline Methodology:

Implementation and Timeline Methodology: Within February 2021, each family is going to select one woman and we shall go around registering their names and getting copies of their National IDs and what crop they will sow in the next season. Briefings and Training will then go on between March and April 2021. Land Leasing and clearing will take place in May and part of June. Distribution of live-stock, seeds, pesticides, manure, natural fertilizers will all be done in July. From Leasing of land the Machinery will be available for community use. Crop production for legumes will be in November and distribution to markets in December. Crop production for vanilla and coffee will come later in the first quarter of 2022. This cycle will repeat itself from 2021 to 2025, just the activities for the next year for the first 200 families will be starting from number 17 in January, therefore having another production in April 2022. Monitoring for all sectors will remain ongoing.

Project Competitive Advantage:

Unlike other agricultural projects, this one is a multi- benefit kind of project that is to benefit a big number of families a year. With the use of permaculture methods, this will in turn contribute to the social and ecological development for different actors in the region. This project is also built to be self sustaining after the first five years of funding. The produce at the training farm is to be earned from in order to maintain the machinery distributed to the community members as well as the transport used to mentor and the re-supply to new participants every year.

Management and Organization:

1. Advisory Board


Ms. Hadijja Nabossa: She has 34 years experience in Large scale traditional and modern farming within Kayunga district. She has been involved in helping and teaching the farmers of the Kayunga community how to effectively and beneficially practice Modern farming even on a small scale. She generally skilled a number with how to implement farm strategies for maximum yield, organize farm administration, work machinery and manage any associated businesses and staff.


Mr. Moud kasirivu: He is a social entrepreneur and human rights activist with 12 years of experience and is the founder of Akasi Farm Initiative. He has worked and volunteered with different communities and children of Uganda including house of hope kids project, Ainembabazi children's project , Embrace uganda in wake forest. Some of which were not in Uganda and these include north Carolina, Africans in partnership Against AIDS, Black Coalition for AIDS prevention and " Fight Against human trafficking " at Europa Institute for Social Work at the ASH Berlin e.V. at Alice Salomon Hochshule Berlin University of applied science. He also volunteered at the World Bank art program and was an ambassador for Uganda at Artist for Human Rights in Beverly hills as part of an anti-rebel campaign group to stop Joseph Kony in Central Africa. Joseph was a leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, Aguerrilla group that was operating in uganda.


Katusiime Jackline, an economics graduate turned gender equality and mental health activist, has seamlessly transitioned into the realms of television, activism, and acting. With a fervent dedication to advocating for equality and mental wellness in Uganda, she utilizes her platform as a TV personality and actress to amplify these crucial messages. Her commitment to social change shines through her roles on screen, notably earning her the prestigious award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her portrayal of Grace, a character emblematic of resilience and women empowerment. Through her artistry and activism, Katusiime Jackline continues to inspire and provoke meaningful dialogue on pressing societal issues.


Shirat Namiiro is a Ugandan painter born in Kampala, Uganda whose love for art started as a child as she accompanied her mother to make colours from flowers for mats.In 2018, she joined kasirivu Art Studios in Kampala where she was greatly inspired to start painting.Her paintings, like her abstract art, breathe life into social commentary especially around the many faces of women in Ugandan culture, mythology and traditional family life. Namiiro is also deeply involved in community projects and initiatives to nurture emerging talent and social work in outreach to promote Ugandan art on the global stage such as Akasi farm initiative where she gives free lessons and is also a board member.

2. Management Team

Administrator: Tianah Christine

She holds a Bachelors of Organisational studies and Communication skills in Arts from Makerere University. Tinah has 3 years experience in farm administrative and managerial work.

Accountant: Bridget Nakayenga

She holds a bachelors in Business Accounting and has worked for 3 different organisations all in the position of the organisation Accountant.

Housekeeper: Makumbi Karim

There is currently one housekeeper (cleaner) at the premises for all the cleaning.