This project is fully built on the fact that it is funded once and it sustains itself. The management will ensure environmental, financial and institutional sustainability. We can show this through the method that we shall be using. That is livestock and seeds bought in the very beginning are what Akasi farm Initiative will use to train the participants, maintain the facility, provide the vaccinating and mentoring services as well as. Our training material will be both in English and vernacular which will make it easy to understand and easy to transfer the knowledge within their peers which achieves the objectives of the project.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Project will undertake monitoring and evaluation, at all levels. Monitoring will be carried out right from the project inception, so as to ensure that processes and results are documented regularly. This would in turn allow steering decisions and modifying the project processes to meet the deliverables in a timely manner. Data gathered during monitoring will help in evaluating the project progress at the end. Quarterly activity reports will be submitted to the donor agency which would help in project evaluation.